Monday, November 24, 2008

Squirrels and models in Green Park

I imagine, hundred year ago, elegant women and men walked in the park not far from the Palace. Saturday, it was us, twenty photographers with five models, beside the other people passing by.

This tiny squirrel did also pose for me, not moving until I had the time to take at least two different shots of him.

In France, Hungary, Romania, we do not have yet squirrels in the parks, in the gardens, or just arriving perhaps. We see dogs and cats only. So they are for me still a wonder like something out from a children's book.

While we took photos, others were passing, they wondered probably what were we doing.
B. Green Park Photo Meetup-175 detail
I was far enough going away already when I took this one.

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  1. I like this photo, it does show the wondering of passers by, if they don't stop thinking in wonder backwards they may end up walking into a tree.