Monday, November 3, 2008


This month, in our photography masterclass group on flickr, called Afterclass, we begin with the subject Colour Messages.

Does a colors send a message directly to us?


The messages are not the same, from place to place, from civilisation to another one, and there are some colors having many different significations for us.

Let's take "Red".

I London, I found a lot of red: buses, telephone boots, postal boxes, and so on, I think they hint on Royal origin.
Bernadette in Blackheath (5)
In Sicily, as soon as I arrived in Palermo there was a demonstration against the Mafia, and young people put red scarfs around their neck, remembering Garibaldi's revolt. Red flag of revolutions.
Palermo manif (1)
Red is also hinting sex or even love, in same cases, red lamp before a house or red skirt of the can can dancers but also red roses for "I love you!"

What was the first time that I heard today in our group that in China, the red means Luck! And if one goes to bury a woman having lived for as long as 90 years for example, all have to dress in red.

Yesterday, I went to sleep imagining the all in red people around a burial. Yes, one can learn at any age!

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