Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thinking of Patrick

The American elections have reminded me of Barrybar, from flickr. Photograph and journalist, around the world, here happy for some month with his new wife from Colorado, he is an angry american, never happy with what is happening there.

I hope, theses days show him too, othervise and sends him a strong message too. America is a great and evolving country!

I will never forget, when we went exactly 30 years ago to my birthday party, my hungarian origin scientist boss inviting us for the occasion to a fancy restaurant, when he had seen an elegant black man entering and sitting to a table, he told me, low voice and in hungarian: a few years ago you could not see here THAT! Even for him, alas, the presence of a black in a fancy restaurant seemed still a choc.

How far America got from those days!

I am proud at all those white people having send a strong signal to all, "we are not racists!" Even if the 44e president of USA is half white, by his mother, the familly that goes to the White House, is a black familly. I am proud for that country I begun to love when I stayed three years there to work.

Thinking of Barrybar nowdays, but preparing for the bonefire night, soon near my house. Even yesterday, we could see fireworks from my own window! There were somewere farther, but so beautiful! Saturday, I'll go out together with others to admire the Blackheath festival, while others of my neighbourgs go away from the noise.

Busy week before me, I just hope to have enough energy for all I propose to do during it. So many to do and not so much power any more in a woman after 70. Still, I'll do all I can. Live as intense as possible my lasts years.

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