Saturday, November 15, 2008

Towards the end of the fall

There are some leaves still on the trees, even more beautiful as it approaches their last days.

I was discussing it with my daughter in law yesterday, we are nearer the nature in London as we were in Paris, and we feel the Londoners in general are too.

It is wonderful this feeling to be not only part of the world but part of the nature too!

In fact, he has a broader smileWhile I sat down yesterday, on a bench, near crossing towards the St Johnt's Presbytery park, taking pictures of the leaves felt on the studded crossing, a gentleman passed towards me, slowly, walking with two sticks.

- What are you doing? he begun to speak to me.

After we spoke a while, I dared to ask him to take a photo: he has such a beautiful smile! As soon as the camera was pointed he took a more serious expression, but his eyes continued to smile warmly.

As he went farther, I realized, there are people a lot lonelier that I around here.

My camera is one of the ways I can connect, after that we feel both better. And just a few minutes later, even my postman thanked me for having taken his picture!
Fall hunt mid november-49
I was my pleasure! I hope, he likes this.

My album of the images of end of fall, taken yesterday: if you like any of the images, you can download it, print it. Some of them, I think, are nice to look at.

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