Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fifty things to do when you turn fifty

I have to write a personal essay of 500 words only for the next book: 70 things...

I did so many different, after 70!

Which one to write about?

I went to America and realised I can still drive, long hours and alone. I realised, I am still a woman and can... Yes! I took up and learned photography. Begun to blog every morning, also translate and publish my diaries.

I moved from Paris to London. Discovered its diversity and interesting meetups. Joined again Toastmasters and become in it. Begun to tell personal stories, in English at the theatre.

Become Standup comedian, well even if only amator, still 60 gigs and good one s behind me already. Travelled and discovered new countries and places, met a lot of people and great audiences.

I can only write about one, of all, in 500 words and I have to put it in a story. Not easy.

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