Thursday, July 10, 2008


All is gone? No. But lot of my books are, the one I love most. He helped, making the packages.

My ticket for the Euro tunnel is taken!

After the guide Micheline, there is less then three hours drive to Callais, then of course almost one hour to cross (it must be with putting the car on the train and taking it out), then a little more then an hour to London's outskirts.

I feel that going with my car through the Tunnel that connects the two countries shows also my feeling of connection.

I know, of course, that temperaments and educations are farther then the few kilometres separating the countries, but I look forward to discover how. It is not easy to discover a new culture, but as I'll stay longer this time, I hope I'll learn a lot.

In a book about "how to be a perfact guest" (as if that did exist) Bernard Gille wrote that the English love or support the diversity. I hope, they'll support also mine.

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  1. When will you be 74?

    I wish you a good jump "through" La Manche and am looking anxiously to the news on this blog.

    Courage and human warmth to you.