Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From the terace: Canary Warf, London

I am here one more day, until the end of month, from the terrace yesterday evening: Canary Warf landscape. In the evening sun the buildings sparkled.

Before going in, I did take a picture also from the Greenwhich Milleneum Vllage houses, near the bus station where I got down - this time at the nearest one, because yesterday I did one before. But that had helped me to take some pictures at the Ecology Park of Greenwhich Peninsula.

In late afternoon sun, Greenwich Milleneum Village
Everything, that seemingly goes not well, can give us something else good. Yesterday evening, I already dreamed living in center of London.

Yes, I like the town, and yes I would be happy to explore it, day by day easy, without taking train to go to it. But will I or not, is not yet sure at all. I am credulous, and confident in people but not too much either. Not ready to be duped either.

Ready to live with nice people, ready to accommodate, ready to pay for my lodging. But not ready to through money in the water! To give it away blindly.

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