Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last day in France

Last day in France, at least for some time. Tomorrow very early I will be on my way towards Calais and then Folkstone; I can't envision it yet.

Going, soon, gone!

But I begun to think about the things one does differently from France to England.

Défilé de 14 juillet I'll have to drive at the other side of the road! Soon, I'll have no right to drive at all, being 74 years old!

I'll have to get used to another money, no euros in UK yet. Everything seems more expensive there but probably it seems only from afar.

One finds villages even in Greater London, even now, even new: difficult even to imagine! London is a lot more nearer the Ocean then Paris is, more water, more green and parks too.

And how long will it take to get familiar with the slang, with the way one really speaks there, the nuances that one can't learn from far away or books I read?

I'll miss my roses, all the flowers from my garden, but I'll find some others for sure there!
Dernières photos de mes fleurs

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  1. Don't get upset about the flowers; the British are pretty good about that. The gardens are wonderful!
    More difficult probably will be to cope with these "non-talking- people, always calm whatever happens,(when in France you would get a riot!). After a while, you are bored by the always-complaining French people...
    A lot to learn on both sides!
    Have a good trip! Let's get in touch!