Thursday, July 3, 2008


Focus helps to explain the image, what we have seen.

And I am packing and preparing, so the delay for this blog is a bit explained. But still... I should write a little every day!

It is not so easy to think about the future, perhaps it is why I avoid this blog a bit lately. Where will I go? When will I go?

Nothing is sure yet, all fluctuates. It does not depend on me.

But I found lots of interesting information, for example, there is a bus almost every two hours from Paris to London: 32 euros for one trip, at my age. Yes, it does last seven hours, but that is not soooo long. Only compared to the TGV Eurostar. But so much cheeper.

Also, once, going early and without ticket to the station, I found a ticket with the same place in Gare de Nord. But it was a spoor of the moment thing, and from that time, no real cheep travel found, by me with the train. Also, they are cheep airfares, that I can check also.

Cheep travel means mostly I could come back more often and worry less when I go?!

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