Monday, July 7, 2008

This rose

These roses were planted by my first husband in the garden of another house and transplanted in the one I'll leave soon later by him. He named it "my woman" - or was it "my wife"?

In French, "ma femme" means both.

But long time before naming a rose after me, he had other "women", so I believe it meant "wife", even if we were already divorced that time.

The rose is very strong and gives flowers very long time from spring to very late winter. It has also a subtle perfume and this is why sometimes I bring in one or three of them and put them in one of my favourite vases, bought at the Bucarest airport long time ago.

Soon now, London!

I'll be 74 by then, far away from 70. I'll try to describe how someone arriving at my age sees it, lives it.

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