Thursday, July 31, 2008

London, Chelsea: let's share

A window or door open and not closed. A neighbor with not secured Web connection. Thanks!

I let mine open for the last four years in France, anyone needing it could use it, now I use that of an unknown neighbor, and that lets me write early in the morning.

Why should we not share?

I am in Greenwich not, not in Chelsea were this photo was taken. A nice quiet (no! the cars begin to go on the street early in the morning) they did not wake me.

I do wake early anyway.

I did not hear them until I wrote 'quiet' here, but the mood IS quiet around the place I am now. And thanks my nice neighbor for the link I use, it is six o'clock probably he or she is still sleeping; And it lets me write my blog, and comment others, before the library door opens.

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