Monday, August 4, 2008

Telling too fast

I was too fast happy about being able to blog from home, whoever had an open web around, closed it and in the weekend even the cyber nearby is closed.

But I used sunday to take my car and try it around and even in London, as there is not taxe to go into it in that day, and at six and seven in the morning there was also very little circulation.

Very good circular way indications and I did not loose my way often, so went from Greenwich in South East to Hamersmith Heath North West, beautiful Heath and Forest, nice people jogging and walking their dogs.

One couple even had a place like for the babies to carry them, and going back through Island of Dogs and the entrance of the foot tunel (which I did not take) I have seen dogs even carried and walked by a lady in automatic wheel chair.

When you go from a place to other, you observe things not seen usually at your place.

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