Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back through the heath

I got my contract yesterday and soon I'll get my keys. I am happy, but not as much as I could be. Should be?

The worries about moving, establishing household, and so on begin.

At least, I already asked for a phone line yesterday afternoon and of course, also for an Internet connection, so soon I'll be able to blog from home. I hope, before 1st of September arrives.

I am already inscribed at the Weight Watchers, now I have to find a nice place and go to swim regularly. At the beginning of fall, my first volunteer work will begin too probably across the station, at the Heritage centre, teaching coaching computer and internet use.

Later, I'll try to find also some hours to teach or keep a group about photography or/and writing as I did in Paris.

I walked to the Blackheath Fair yesterday at dusk, catching as the sun just got down, took photos of the wonderful lights there (and also some people as usual), then come back through the heath. Not so easy, the grass is grown and there was not really a path but what an adventure!

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  1. For swimming, there's a nice old-fashioned public pool called the Arches on Trafalgar Road. It's marked on this map in blue:,177750&st=4&ar=N&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=539134&ay=178063