Saturday, August 9, 2008

8 8 08

Yesterday, I took the train for the fist time to go center London, from Blackheath Village - it took me do Canon street near the river Thames and then I walked the Thames path until the Embarkment.

But that time, I did not have any more space left on my memory card and my legs told me enough too. I had a lunch and spoke with a young and beautiful server arrived from Spain a month ago: she found imediatly work!

It took me a lot more to come back, one hour, with waiting at Cherring cross for the next train to Lewisham and a bus from there back, but could we say "I have time" ?

Home, it took of course even more to look at the pictures and select them and improve them, I put some in the Thames walk set, and if they are not yet there, will put them soon!

But not yet progress in finding a place to live by myself (or even with others in a flatshare). Some times, it will arrive too!


  1. I just found your blog on Flickr in the 888 group and I love it already. Welcome to London, the greatest city on earth!

  2. Julie, your blog is wonderful! I love your writing style and I love your pictures on Flickr. Good Luck on finding a nice place to live very soon. Best wishes, Astrid

  3. Next time, take the first train from Charing Cross and then change trains at London Bridge. There are many more trains to Blackheath from London Bridge, so you won't have to wait an hour.