Monday, August 18, 2008

Blackheath chears

Where did I meet him?

It was towards the end of July in Blackheath, probably at a breackfast place. If I find, I'll give him the picture. I felt welcomed in Blackheath's Royal Standard's place and streets, it is why I begin to look around for a place to stay near here.

All kind of people, that is what I like and in that atmosphere I felt good. Friendly people in the first days, that was important. I just hope, that impression will rest with me and I'll come always with pleasure around here, there.

I put some pictures today that I have taken end of july on flickr, and for the moment, they are in the "last pictures" on the side of this blog. With time, they will be replaced by others, because there are lots of London's pictures I did not added yet to my site.

Lots to do, lots to catch up.


  1. Bienvenue au Royal Standard. I hope people here continue to be nice to you. The man in your picture is of course Carlo, who runs Fosters Cafe - a very friendly little place with pretty good coffee, on what is a very friendly street.

  2. Thanks for the visit and the precision too (and his name)