Saturday, August 16, 2008

How will it be with me in it?

I did believe, this evening I'll be already there, but no - it is too early or the fate is perhaps other for me. We'll see.

I liked the place when I got in the first time, but now it seems small and crumpled and I do not know how I'll fit in my things. There is not much place to put and no, I am not used to put my luggage under the bed.

Mostly, I do not see yet where I'll put my books and where I would work, computer and printer wise. It IS quiet and light enough, true, but from yesterday afternoon I have conflicting feelings about it.

I was supposed to come in, I do even understand why it was a bit too early, but I do not understand why it took so long to tell me about it. As it is, it left me happy about the move for a few hours when I imagined already moving in, but as to this morning I am having second thoughts.

I do like people who keep their word, was taught by my father then words and a handshake are as much and more as a paper or a name on a paper. So no one shook my hand, true. But I did believe when someone tells me six month it is so and so on. Changing on their words are not my taste at all and somehow I doubt it is English usage.

I yet have to learn a lot about the culture here to understand. Probably I am too sentimental and showing my sentiments and not reserved enough. Showing, telling, what I feel.

After 74 one can change of course but not so much.

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