Wednesday, August 6, 2008

O2 Greenwich

As much as I love the old Victorian houses in London, I do like also the new constructions - so many ideas and creativity in them!

A few days ago I went to the Greenwich Nord metro station (closed in summer on weekends) under the building called strangely O2 - I did not learn yet why.

I met there a few very nice and very different people.

The first was a construction worker, originally from north Ireland, and after taking two photos of him, he told me "please no two without three" only then I observed his tatoos and took a photo that showed them also. We had a nice chat and after we entered the building he went to the young men at entrance and told him "this lady takes photos, she'll take yours too."

And he agreed also, he was the only for me very british looking one. After I have taken the two Angel girls, also for information there, and enchanted to be photographed, and Indian looking lady who after that offered to take one of me and did so very knowedgable, and so on.

I came home not only with some pictures despicting the modern mood of O2 but mostly with a new collection of my loved portraits - also having spoken to them, and feeling less alone in London.

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