Thursday, August 28, 2008

New place and I happy in it

Only so far no Web connection here so I have to wait until the telephone is connected and I receive the modem. And a few days after that the life will be different.

I could blog again early morning from home.

Lots to do until now and a few things to buy, the most important perhaps some bookselves for my books, strange that there are not everywhere and as abundant as any other furniture. Do the Londoners read a lot less? Or they read a lot more from what they find in the libraries?

I already bought a few books even if I am at the library too, in the shop for birds there are 30 and 50 pi and at red cross they go for around 1 pound, in the supermarket they were 2 and half, still affordable. 

So much I have already read and do want to read again but also some I can give away as soon as finished, now I know a few places where I can do that.

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