Thursday, August 14, 2008

Black Heath

Blackheath is split in two by the Heath, probably under the green grass (Green wich) there is blacker earth then in other parts. Here I took the picture from the Blackheath village which seems to me more "made" for tourists then a "real" village with its fancy shops and restaurants.

The "Standard" part of it, and you may see some of its border houses in this picture behind them are the others, seems more "real city" like to me, with all kind of people and stores, for poorer and richer people alike.

I have been to one of the small and very friendly restaurant "Familly restaurant" and love to go there: they always give lots of fresh vegetables with whatever I buy and have a friendly smiling cook in front of it. From plastic perhaps, but the "real" cook is a good smiling one too.

The other day, I looked at some older ladies very happy to eat something.

- What it is? did I ask them.
- Shepherds pie, and very good!

Next time I asked for their shepherd pie. It was supposed to come with three vegetables, no, it came with seven different ones, one better then the other. I still do not know for sure what is a shepherds pie, but it was very good and huge too. Still I do not know what exactly is this pie, but it was great.

At the library, recognising me already, they were lot nicer that at the beginning, and I even did not yet give some of my books that I took with me to offer, also I still cant see my flickr images on their screen.

I do not really need it any more, as I have web now at my son's home, but I hope they'll realise that flickr and most of its images are for all public (besides, one can easy choose a safety level that takes out all the others).

In all that seems a really nice neighbourhood! To discover more and also to use as a point to discover more about London.

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