Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8 aug 08 Thames walk

Still pictures from the same walk,

Today, I went out of the door with the intention of continuing from the Embarcadre or Charring Cross towards West to walk near the Thames, or to visit Islington see how is there.

But on the way, I was diverted by an Leting agency near the bus station and a nice young men showed me a flat in Greenwich's main road.

Well located and even silent inside at least with the windows open, almost no one living upstairs, neverless the dump air and smell told me one cannt open often the windows and the light was not very bright either in that place downstairs. The small court was there "but do not come with" it did not seem a friendly gesture from the absent landlord either.

I did not feel I'd be happy to live there.

At noon, another place to see, will I have force to go in Central London the afternoon? I am not sure, we'll see. With each new visit, I learn more, not only about the places to live and their neighbourhood but also about myself and my likes and dislikes.

Just hope, soon I'll find a place speaking to me, smiling to me: telling me "here is MY place".

PS Perhaps, perhaps - I found it. Bright, one bedroom one living room, a real bath and strong shower and a small kitchen but with a place to eat there and all anemities. Quiet street and not far from the familly - I hope I'll get it!

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