Friday, August 15, 2008

For a brief moment

Yesterday, bad weather was announced but the sun shined and the clouds were not grey, so after going out a few times with my umbrella, I decided I did not need it any more.

After finishing what I had to do, the rain come fast and fall upon me.

Suddenly, not only I understood one has to be careful and not let my French learned 'laisser faire' take care of things, but also why one does speak so much about time in England.

When it rains in France, or Hungary for that matter, it does rain a whole day, but the time does not change so fast and so often. The bad time remains for a long time. Covert sky, gray sky is more often then beautiful clear blue one. Humidity stays, and I was told in august it will continue to stay.

Here, one has to be ready to be prepared for everything - even beautiful blue sky and clouds that suddenly pop out from a grey one.

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