Thursday, August 21, 2008

A bench in the heath

This is THE bench at the heath that is waiting for me to sit down, to read, to look around, quietly contemplate life.

I hope, it will arrive a day not so far that I will feel enough tranquil to do it.

For the moment, I begun my "normal" activities and went to Weight Watchers meeting, the first one in England. Two bus stations away from where I stay, it was held in a Baptist church and this august wednesday few attended.

At the begining, I was happy: did not gain from my arrival any kilos our pounds. Sorry, STONES. I was stoned to hear that now I'll have to learn yet another measure, plus the pounds go down easy, relative to the stones.

Afterwords it got worst as I realised that there is a lot of english as one speaks it near here that I do not understand, lots of meaning that I have to learn. As 46 years ago when I arrived in France, it seemed to me people speak too fast to each other so I could not catch all what they said. Long way to go yet... more then I did think until now.

There is a lot to learn even after 70 of course.


  1. Dear Julie,

    It's obvious that you love to look at the local buildings and take walks. In that case, I have a suggestion I think you will love. If you walk from the Standard to the village down St Germans Place, and then left into Morden Road (see the map at,+SE3&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf), you will find yourself in a beautiful old estate with a mix of very old, large, beautiful houses and, further on, a few interesting modern ones. Turn right at the end of Morden Road and follow the road called Blackheath Park, which will take you directly back to the village, so you can't get lost. It's not a long walk, but it's very beautiful.

  2. Thanks, G for the suggestion: I'll do it! today, I went to Little Venice and along the canal for long time, then come back by bus 7 and 188 (two hours but interesting)