Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meridian zero, Greenwich

At Greenwich's Royal Observatory building, I was there with a lot of other tourist's from countries all over the world.

While I was at that place, probably put in for photography, groups of people arrived from Russia, Japon, and one of them took this of me with my telephone's camera.

The place is not up the hill if you come from the Heath (Blackheath) but looks down toward the Thames, the National Maritime museum and the Canary Warf - the view was beatutiful as the weather, and I did really miss my usual camera.

Of course, as I did not come here as tourist (only this first time and even not now) but as resident around here, I'll have the possibility to return soon. Take photos, show the place to others or just look around and feel "in the middle of the world" as I did when I lived for 22 years on the Butte Montmartre from where you can see Paris and where also many people came from all over.

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