Monday, August 25, 2008

There is a time

There is a moment, a few minutes, after the sun goes down the horizont and until it becomes really dark when one can still see well what is around and the camera sees it also.

Later, our eyes adopt and see lot more then the camera can, at lest unless one does not use a bigger sensibility or opening, more time to let the film or nowdays the sensors be impressed.

That is the time also when there are few things yet at my new home and I feel that I could do anything with it, in it. The possibilities are open, I can choose.

Those times are not long, they go away too fast - as the internet around my appartment went too and now I have to go again to cybercafee or my familly place to be able to write.

Soon, I will be able to do it from home. At lest, I have already a home and I am very happy of my choice of it, it feels so good to be there!

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