Friday, August 22, 2008

London Canal stroll

After droping Bernadette at the Eurostar entrance, I went so Little Venice and then along the canal until my camera battery was finished. Not many people, great reflections, quiet and lots of adventures at the same time.

My first was to meet that lady, I think older then me, coming on bike thought the bridge. "I admire you, I do not any more, can I take a picture?" She answered "Yes, please do. I could not either, if I stopped, that is why I continue."
London Canal stroll (8)

What a wonderful exemple for me!

Even if I do not begin cycling, I'll have to go on swimming. And often.

I also met very young on bike in a special space where they can jump, and had very good contact with them too. Have also heard the young boy encouraging a child who was just there alone to learn more. "I am not so good, the young boy told me" and I explained that I was also just learning to take speed pictures. From then on, we were pals.
Friendly faces, smiling back to me, great reflections and colours, a long walk, what a wonderful day! It will take me a few days to add to flickr my 200 images from which I love most of them.

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