Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Poor or rich?

I have seen many couples shopping at IKEA, and many mothers with their children in the Lakeside supermarket but have taken only a few pictures to remind me.

Some pictures that I do not take remain for always or for a long time at least in my memory, for example that beautiful young man and his beautiful wife, sitting across me while I waited for my son. I did not really look at them, preserving their intimacy while they took a cup of tea. It was only when they went away and smiled a good by to me that I was stoned seeing how beautiful as if film actors they were. How well they looked together too. A picture not taken on camera but in my soul. If I ever write something about a couple like them, I'll recall their image in me.

But most of the time, now days, I do ask and most of the time I do get the permission to snap a picture. When I am lucky I can while speaking with them take two or three, nearer or farther and from different positions, often they give a better image then just one.

I am on "old woman" with not much revenue considering the high rent prices around here, but I am a very rich woman: just passed the cap of twenty four thousand photos uploaded and collected on the web!
COLLECTIONS of 24000 photos
24000 photographies about what I have seen would be lost as grains if it was not flickr's Sets, Collections, Tags, Time, Groups, where they can be found with more ease. Sometimes, people comment on my latest images but other times they do find and speak to me about photographies taken long ago - what a joy!

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