Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crossed the Channel the 16 morning

that is my last exit from my car before puting it in the train, in the Baie of Picardie.

One of the first, in England when finally I found the Milleneum Village in Greenwhich was of the Milleneum Dome.

Very tired, I did not write yesterday here, and I do not to make it up.

Finally arrived in London and nothing about it in this blog, how come?

I made an album with the Blackheath village or at least a corner of it, and now with Greenwhich Ecology park and its surrounding, but for the moment not all my pictures passed through the Wifi around here.

Tomorow is an other day.

From Friday I'll be in Central London, a week in a small hotel. Another adventure altogether on my own. For lowering the pressure I tell myself "it is a holyday" but I know othervise in fact. I have to find a place to live. Soon.
Dome de Millénium London

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