Sunday, July 21, 2013

Write, read / speak, listen

Recently, I stumbled on two books by Adler, written at 40 years of distance. One about 'how to read' : different ways of reading in 1940.

Skimming, absorbing, active participative reading. There is so many kind!

Even when I read for enjoyment 'only' it is never only that, even then I like to read with a pen in my hand or underscore on kindle, the passages I like, and sometimes, writing passages I particularly enjoy in my notebook.

Ten years ago, I was reading picking out the English words I did not understand, nowadays more expressions I want to remember. Later, I used to look up, make a list, try to learn by playing and putting the words in some other context, phrase. And of course, these days, to use the expressions in one of the stories I tell.

All my life, at least from 7 years on, I lived with books and stories they told, wisdom they told me directly or defused in a tale. Some from far away still stick with me as do my great grandmothers family stories. Or my fathers, like I lived them, was there.

It was never one way only! I participated, felt I was there.

Adler, wrote 40 years later, wrote about the importance of listening. Speaking / listening. Really communicating. Did not read yet the beginning of that one, his books are a bit heavy to read, but I am sure there is wisdom to ponder in them. For the moment, the importance of listening, while we speak,  or while we participate to a talk. And also, the difference between writing and giving a speech.

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