Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I lost my way

That was for the better: I lost my way.

I strolled in Depford 4 years ago, then 3 years ago. Found many interesting images to take with me from it's street. And this small restaurant, in a train off Depford High Street.

Firmly believed, there is where I have to go.


The open Mic Red Bus Depford was on a parallel street: Depford Church street.
But looking for it, got me interesting new pictures!
London Transport blue hour
It is, often if not always, worth to get lost!
Depford High Street Street Art
And behind the small restaurant pizzeria, where the comedy gig was I discovered this:
Peniche et bateau entre immeubles
Have to go back soon! Fascinating Depford, when one looks deeper...

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  1. I remember the train cafe - a wonderful spot. I've taken a friends there, since, a couple of times :)