Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After Intervention, laugh of myself

Selfportrait, showing how I have to protect for a while my eye, after a cataract was removed:

Alas, I lost that thing I have to put at night.

I have put it in a good place I am sure, but where?

At least, I took some photos of it the first day, and today as I see better, I made "cutout" from one of them. The blue is cute is it not? That was its true color! I changed only the skin to black and white.

Having fun of oneself is a great advantage of learning about Humour. Making others laugh is the second and also not bad at all. This year is my Comedy year. I already done two Stand Up comedy workshops and now I will begin a third one.

I finally begin to believe that even if one does not have funny bones one can catch the funny bug.

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