Friday, August 19, 2011

He won!

Malachi was one of ten very good, excellent semifinalists, yesterday afternoon, at Las Vegas Toastmasters convention. e gave a startling, great, wonderful performance.

His personal story, "keep going", teated us not only the endurance at difficult times, but also that we learn very important lessons while in the tunnel.

between those great ten speakers from different clubs, he came out with the third place!

lus, it also will help him and us to learn new lessons.

barely one year with the Toastmasters clubs, he has a stunning ability lo learn ,listen to advices and perform.

e keeps going, giving speeches, practicing.

soon,we will hear from him a new speak too,that,as he told me "comes from the heart" and was easy to learn. I aam waitin, with imptience to see it.

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