Sunday, August 21, 2011

I got older

I got older with 15 years, yesterday.

It was a very interesting day, but at the end, too much and too long for my 77 years. arriving home, I did really look it, and more. Plus, on the road, to the hotel, as I took the "wrong bus, I arrived to downtown Vegas, and that in itself was interesting, indeed.

Remaining, only on the main paths, was never really for me, anyway. As we are send to the "wrong path" we discover new things!

Be an Explorer not a Tourist!

I got, used during the conference to the new toastmasters logo, learned new ways, met people from various countries, but those from near did not care much of me, happy I was just tired and did not got ill. In all, I got a lot from my journey, and also the assurance that I am on the right truck.

Now, a last meeting home, then Saturday, my medical intervention. All will go well, hopefully, but I am still a bit apprehensive.

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