Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holding hands (etc) at any age

It is never too late to find your dreams, to realise them!

Yesterday, I prepared my story about "Family" (my fathers tale's influence on me 30 years later). The underlining point is the importance of story to transmit wisdom and how it is done inside generations in my family

Today is the time to improve my "Desire" story.
We have so many different desires!

I still hesitate between two stories:

1: Desire to perform, childhood desire realised after 74, I already told it at the rehearsal) or

2: Desire to dance again and hold hands and kiss again, realised after I was 55

I will prepare today both, even if I tell only one of them in Edinburgh, I could use the other later. Both carry the same message: Never too late, do not give up on your dreams.

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