Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Katy, first day President

She begun to work already as President a while ago, but tonight will be the first meeting she will open and close as the President of our Club at Lewisham Speakers.

I am so relived I am no more president, as I was eager a year ago to become one. I leave the club in very good hands. And step farther.

I am not yet sure where my own road will lead, other then of course leaving healthy clubs in my new Area behind me in a year.

I think, my personal ambition is now to make an hour long show, or a few 20 minutes one's. Storytelling combined with humour. Trying to delight difference audiences and stretch myself a bit farther on.

No more titles and no more special responsabilities after that are important as my love affaire.

My love affaire with the public, my pals who love to perform and speak and make laugh as I do, helping those who want to progress, too.

More important then titles, posts, diplomas, contest, whatever else. And of course, experience the same time the best as some worst places, to be able to appreciate the formers.

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