Tuesday, July 24, 2012

True Tales

True personal tales have to be happened to me or related closely to me. They have to be true, but a story is a story and not going before a judge. You can cut from it, add some to it, change names if it remains true to the real story as it happened, as you see it now, as it tell a truth about yourself and the world.

True stories in Edinburgh I will tell will have different themes each day.

1. Family - that will be about a tale my father told me, it happened to him 90 year ago, it affected my life at 43 when I was preparing my first public speech appearance, for my PhD - a funny story I think but also telling clearly the importance of a storytelling on our life

2. Home - You realise the importance of home (or many other things) when you have to leave it, loose it. That will be the story of how the war caught up with me when I was ten years old.

3. Unexpected. A story of unexpected striptease and its consequences on my life. How one humorous speech can affect another and at the end how I see the life today.

4. Desire. There are different desires (not just sexual) and I will tell the story of my desire to become a writer, to be on the stage and how it become, years later, desire of the audience with which I fall in love.

5. Culture Choc. This is the story I am not sure yet, as I had so many in my life. Which to relate? Perhaps when I fell first into a Standup Comedy Workshop? I am still playing with few ideas.

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