Monday, July 30, 2012


One of the most impressive scenes for me, from the opening of Olympics - what a great job on decor! is the slow uprooting of a gigant tree.

Signifying then the unrooting of many rural people at the begining of the industrial age.

For me, it was different.

I thought of all of us, who had to leave one place and go live to another. My first, was at 14, going away from the place I was used to, my beloved town Kolozsvar, (now Cluj Napoca), to the capital. It felt as the most difficult one.

After, from Bucarest, Romania emigrating, with almost nothing with us. No, no! I had my daughter inside me, I was not alone! A secret I took through without declaring, at the customs. My father was also with me, but my mother died as we waited for two years for our passport.

Then, many other uprooting came, and I did not feel it like loosing something, rather then gaining new experience, discovering new cultures, new adventures.

With time, one goes with more and more courage, even if there is a apprehension, like before we go on stage.

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