Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A window in London: seven at Canal Café Theatre

arriving to the Grand union canal, or Regent canal, near the Canal Café Theatre in London

it was a great night!

seven of us (I taught and nudged to come and tell their stories) "organised" or as Joanna put it "produced" well, co-produced with her, come to tell around a theme Road Block.

Each best possible, better then before.

Opened by Chris with great stage presence, he spoke about the fight with stuttering and realising finally that others do not mind it.

Then, Rhian told us about her difficulty between Greeks speaking Greek, till she realised can ask them to speak English.

Simone came with her leg hurt and a stick and wonderfully told her story sitting down but with a big smile and great self confidence, of her difficulty with her father.

Then it was my turn of my road block as i was enable to remain live in Washington - but how much good came from our three years stay there at the end. I succeeded to be brief and not make anyone sleep.

Came Ernie with his real roadblock so funny and well conceived tale. I knew, he can do it even if he has not been to Toastmasters yet longtime.

Flavia with her body language yet again improved, she is so wonderful on stage now! Of her difficult rapport with as she married, was stroke and thanks! got courage to make him go. "And I begun to study, then"

Closed by Richard, who got also to yet another level and told us how he got "up" because of a table he hit the "bottom". He gets better and better and told me at the end "thanks for pushing me to come, now I feel I want to do it again and again."

Joanna was also pleased with our level and diverse tales and the audience had very good time and reacted and applauded and told us how much they feel with what we told.

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