Friday, March 8, 2013

Preparing to a speech 2009

The speech Project title was Body Language.

Photo taken summer by my daughter in law without me realising it. Seen it again, recently.

It reminds me how seriously I took each new project better learn to speak in public. Here rehearsed before my grand daughter in the garden.

Yes, by now, a few years later, I have hundreds of speeches, stories, gigs behind me: I even do not count them. This was just before the 5th from our Competent Communicator manual. It reminds me how serious I took the assignment and also the advice to rehears before an audience.

How many I have given by now?

More the 60 standup comedy only.
More then 80 'speech' in the clubs.
More then 30 storytelling: most important probably and creating them also, as most the other speeches from my life.

I do not count them any more as I do not think of my body language: most of the time it goes in itself, as when we drive or swim. I do think to create the best 'next speech' and this weekend, my son will come to help for the one I have to give in two weeks in Scotland.

Yes, simplicity is the result of lot of effort.

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