Monday, March 25, 2013

No more cold, Rosie warmed my heart

It was so cold outside, Ayr!

Instead of the spring, a winter wind blew.

Person with whom to wander. I decided to spend Sunday instead in Glasgow, a large town in Scotland, before taking the train Monday noon to return to London, home.

I have even asked if I could change my train ticket: no, too expensive.

The owner of the hotel after breakfast, accompanied me in her car to the train station in Ayr after cold twenty minutes in the lobby, finally I am on the train to Glasgow. Cold compartment, too.

A station, then another passes.

Suddenly, my mobile phone rings. Rosie, calls me.

"I am the raconteur of stories. I have two free hours to spend together..."

"I'm already on the train!"

The third station goes away.

"Where? I come to pick you up!"

At the fourth station, I get off the train. I wait in a closed place where the heating starts slowly, at the request.

To my surprise, Rosie arrives quickly.

Already, her smile warms me.

"What to show you?"

I think of the nearby sea, the villages around & nature.

"Let us go first to my place, drink a hot tea, and then we will see from there"

Finally, Rosie offers me a coffee that I prefer, and no, it's not the dishwasher taste! 

We begin to chat, to share.

Suddenly, it's noon!


Rosie prepares, offers me scrambled eggs from their garden. We do not stop to share.

I leave with regrets, I would have listened and talked with her until next day!

Rosie makes me the tour of the places where lived the famous Scottish poet Burns. Fairytale landscape with the bare winter trees. The spring will arrive here later.

In fact, in plus what she tells me, personal guide knowing all the details of the poet life's and places, we still continue to exchange from our life's and about story telling: what happens when we offer it to an audience, what happens after. What we will do where we will be in the months to come.

Rosie puts me back again into the train to Glasgow, seven hours after I went down.

What an exciting day!

Outside, always cold, but warm is now burning in our souls.

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