Sunday, March 31, 2013

St. John's church, near our buildings

In fact, I was told that the three big buildings were constructed on the church propriety site. And still many apartments belong to them.

Some are sold, some let.

The church itself is very welcoming.

I feel, in need I can go and there will be a hand holding mine. Once, I went and found it. Another time the vicar invited me to his home for Christmas and yet a third time, I met a Toastmaster on the steps that was like a snowball changing my life.

Wednesday, it will be four years since I have become a toastmaster in London and I will speak, closing my 'education cycle' and, probably with it getting soon the highest toastmaster award : distinguished toastmaster.

It does not say much to 'outsiders' not even to those just joining.

It means at least 50 prepared speeches given. It means many many roles in meetings. It means to have sponsored a new club. It means a role for a year in club's committee, it means a year role in 'district' at higher level. It means to have mentored others, hold a workshop. And finally, what my speech will be about, concluding a larger 'high level leadership' project.
Another Angle
My project was a 'personal story telling' workshop with members from many clubs in my area, with bringing them on stage outside at the end of months. We were 8 telling very divers personal stories before paying cheering, delighted audience. 5 for the very first time.

I did learn a lot along the way, and finally that is why we do it, not for the award. It still feels great that soon I will have it, then on to other endeavours.

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