Thursday, April 25, 2013

Best or worst Holliday ?

Bois de Boulogne 1 mars (14)d
My 'worst' holiday was as I was 40, the last one before my divorce.

Beautiful lake Granada, Italy and great swimming and good weather. One morning, we went rowing on the lake. He tried to make angry: as I realised he did try too hard, I did not. As we arrived on the shore, me all heated up by how he looked, beautifully bronzed, he told me. "I am going."

My husband suddenly, left us there, to go and be with his mistress in Romania:  "Will be back in a week" and he left us without a car, far from everything in a camping lot.

He arrived back after two weeks, just the day day before he had to work.

It was a beautiful holiday.

But I was left with sexual frustration in 30' after we went to 'boat' together, and that is when I really decided 'enough is enough'. A month later, I found a love letter on the floor and then it is I had the courage to tell. To ask divorce. To do it.

Well it was a great Holliday, my Italian friend in a caravan with her husband, near our tent, asking me every day: when your husband arrives back? Finally she did not believe I have one and they went away before he arrived back.

It was great to swim in the clear lake as we woke, it was great also that finally pushed me to free. To begin a new life. It was also one of the most miserable one as I was frustrated and felt trapped.

It helped me, pushed me, decided me to dare and begin a new life.

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