Wednesday, April 10, 2013

London night along Thames, near the Pier.

As I arrived to live in London, summer 2008, I was invited to a Meetup group called The Artist's Way, and we met each week once at the Royal Festival Hall. As I got out, it was dark and I went through the foot bridge towards Charing Cross station to take a train towards where I lived. Still live.

I was fascinated by how many colours the Thames could take because of its surrounding and the tremor of reflections on the water. Some of it I succeeded to take on my small camera. But so much lives also in my soul and enchantment.

Some things were the same, other colours changed. A day it was colder, another windier. The waves bigger or more subtle.

I could have descended at Waterloo station, it was about the same length, but I longed to traverse again and again that bridge and look down to the water and its colourful reflections, trembling in the night.

I never guessed how many different reflections the Artist's Way book's study and discussion, how many waves will provoke in me and my following years creativity.

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