Saturday, April 6, 2013

In a row

Madison?Royaumont pondBois de Boulogne 1 mars 2008in a rowFrench Can Can for a rainy 1 maiSpectacle Agora Soir-152
RED HOT CHILI JAZZ (ECOSSE) Highland Dancing.Palermo market near Station-18Coin cuisine de MarocBlowing in the windsale sale sale  otherEarth day in Greenwich park
French market in Bournemouth-2P1100011To West India Docks_0061v18 pm in the skyVisite Assemblée Nationale-019Camden In a Row-16
poems about freedom of speech_0052NB Direct_0080Prepare Olympic gamesFive of six speakers8 May celebration Arc Triomphe, ParisLike This

In a row, a set on Flickr.

A new set of 33 photos 'in a row' from 2004 to today. The fist 24 here or go to the set!

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