Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do not give up when it seems 'impossible'

Today, I think of Churchill who found the unforgettable phrase "an iron curtain fall in the middle ofeurope" understanding the seriousness of so many countries cut out, that fall more and more under the Communist Tyrany. I was there behind the iron curtain till I was 28, I know.

Today, I think of Margaret Thatcher, who met Gorbachev and his wife, and before 1989, felt something very important can be done and recommended to Regan to meet him. 

Today, I think that all who do not have to live any more under the foot of communist Tyrany in those, now so called 'east European' countries owe some thing to UK and its prime ministers, who did not give up to what seemed then and for long time 'inevitable'.

Do not give up. In memory of those who had shown, impossible is possible after all.

I did believe also I had to stay with my unfaithful husband. And did stay 7 years after I found out the first time. Did stay after he told me 'there is no love contract' and did not see out. When I made later the first step, when I was decided, help came from many sides. It become possible to have a new life. 

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