Saturday, June 7, 2008

Carnaval 2008 Argenteuil

It was not big, but it was fun.

As much for the very young or very old, costumed or spectators.

She walked the streets very high, and here turned for me to be able to take the photo of her.

We had also orchestras, from Tunisian orgin people as Portugese, and those born in France too. Danses, pirates and those from "venise carnaval masques". The weather was not sunny but finally it did not rain, only small drops come towards the end of my stay at least.

I was greeted with a knowing smile from so many! I did not know in a few years I made so many acquaintances!
Carnaval 2008 Argenteuil-17
And now, I'll have to go again.
Carnaval 2008 Argenteuil-6
How long until one recognise me in a festival in the London's quarter I go?

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