Sunday, June 8, 2008

Valse as I dreamed once

I wanted so much to learn to dance, to dance like these young girls learning and doing an end of year festival in our town Sunday! My grand daughter does, but modern dance and she also was in the same spectacle.

One after other, Modern, Classic, Jazz classes, from tiny 4 year old to grown ups showed what they have learned during the year.

I dance now more in my dreams, but they did not change so much!


  1. Dancing! I can well understand your dream. I also had the same and last year I decided to live it. I choose BCM Danse which is improvising and feeling every part of your body while moving: the bones, the muscles, the organs.... while wandering with my mind to each of these parts, the quality of moving is changing. Passionate! And you can experience this danse at every age.

  2. Thanks a lot for coming here and commenting: it means a lot for me!

  3. I imagine you dancing, so well you write about it, I see it!