Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lille yesterday, Paris today, London SOON

Allegoric at least, because I came home from Lille two days ago, I will have no time to return to Paris soon even if I live so near it, but yes, I do believe, in a week I'll arrive to London.

At least, if the surrounding of Greenwich can be called London.

"We need you!" how can one resist to those magic words. I am going, not because they worry about me when I am far, which is true also, or that as good children they do not want me to live far away, but because, at least for the next two weeks they need me.

So even if I thought to have lots of time, the time is run away and in less then a week I'll be on the road of my life again, going, going. And yes, very soon, Julie70 (or in real 74 now very soon) will arrive to London indeed.

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