Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am going

Even in not in an old merry-go-round, as the picture here, but in TGV, fast train to Lille, were I was invited to a conference about intergenerational links and Internet.

They are asking a lot of questions, that is good.

I have some experience and some answers too. But I have never felt the famous "generations gap", as I was friend with the mother of my grand mother as I was with younger then me. So?
Arrival Gare de Nord (4)
The issue is important, anyway, how to make more elderly use Internet and communicate through it, feel less alone because of it.

This morning I received a mail, answering mine, a young woman (discovered from the flickr image site) at Lille is willing to meet me and show me some of her city's old parts or go to an expo with me, chat at a coffee. Gap? Isolation?

I have never felt more connected!

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