Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aie! they will see you!

Usually, I take self-portraits of myself when I am happy and my hair freshly made up, sometimes, I do also when I want to make 'faces' but this time I took it specifically, in worst conditions.

It turned out so horrible, then I was not ready to show it in colour, so I transformed it in black and white where my freckles showed somewhat less.

In fact, it was also after I have bought a book about famous Auto portraits by Painters and Photographs and most did it showing themselves in a bad mood or angle and not 'nice' or 'beautiful'.

It shows the playful part of me too.

This self-portrait was choosen and voted in 2005 as the Best self on Flickr, and perhaps that is why so many looked at it and commented it.

Now, it was chosen by a student to speak about Brain Damage. But no, I was not brain damaged when I took it nor am I now showing it. It shows some truth - one's hair is not always made up nice and sometimes we are afraid of what we have just done, also this was more or less play acting.


  1. I'm not sure most of our civilization (U.S.) even knows what a woman in her seventies really looks like, anymore. We are all so afraid (and from a much younger age) of not being found attractive. Big money in that for the cosmetic companies.

    So you're brave and I like your pic! and your blog!

  2. Standing up tall and applauding ... for my wonderful spirit sister (you) and her ability to help me not be so afraid.
    Hard days sometimes require a friend who is not afraid to put any photo out here of her... no matter if the hair is combed or makeup is on or NOT....
    thanks friend... you have helped ME in a moment of gentle depression.

  3. I am so happy to have been able to help when it was needed! And yes, we must show different parts facettes of ourselves, not only the happy smiling part - because at times, we ARE depressed, or we ARE sad, or we ARE afraid and so on, that is part of us, part of all human beings, and yes, showing not only our 'public' but a bit more of inside too, can help each other.

    I am no more afraid not to be attractive, and as I feel nowedays better and better in my scin, it shows outside and so people accept me as I am wrinkles and all. (But before I go out to speak in public I do wash my hair and freshly washed nowedays it does look nicer)