Thursday, October 7, 2010

A beautiful tree

The tree is not so far from where I live so I am able to return to it, whenever I want.

In France, I had a similar tree before my window, I am no more in France, but the tree is no more there either : one day, three years ago, my grandson then aged only 7 decided to cut it and put it in a new place, where he thought it would be good to remember their cat.

It never lived again.

I hoped, it will grow back, one year it almost seemed so, but this summer when I went back it was still absent. It lives in my memory, my old photos of it, and it is here in London through its brother, a similar tree not far for me to go and see and remember.
Fall in my garden-3
photo taken in October 2005 in my garden near Paris
vdFall light exercises_0310_0024
photo taken in October 2010 in the court London

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